Asian Federation of Laboratory Animal Science Associations (AFLAS)

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Aims of AFLAS
To promote through international co-operation Asian Congresses on Laboratory Animal Science for the purpose of reviewing scientific, technical and educational problems in Laboratory Animal Science, to develop other relevant activities in the interest of Laboratory Animal Science, and to contribute to animal welfare.
(1) Membership shall consist of Associations or Societies for Laboratory Animal Science established on national or regional basis in Asia and having objectives that conform with the aim of AFLAS.
(2) Laboratory Animal Science Associations or Societies having similar objectives may be admitted upon application for associate membership through approval of the AFLAS Council.
Work of AFLAS:
(1) AFLAS shall arrange for the Asian Congress on Laboratory Animal Science to be held once every two years and encourage the participation by scientists and technical workers in the field of Laboratory Animal Science in the Congress. AFLAS shall select a host Member Country to organize a Congress in accordance with the requirements for developing the Asian Congress and collaborate with it in the Congress preparation.
(2) AFLAS shall advise and nominate membership of working groups, symposia, or other functions when invited by appropriate organizations, if Council considers it can contribute usefully by doing so.
(3) AFLAS shall facilitate the interchange of information among Member Associations and Societies on activities and function of common interest. This may include information concerning office bearers in Member Associations and Societies, honors conferred on members of Member Associations and Societies, and other matters of common interest.
Collaboration with other international organizations:
AFLAS shall collaborate closely with organizations having similar field of activity.

Executive board of AFLAS
1. Executive board member (2008/2010)
President:                 Chou-Chu Hong, DVM, Ph.D.
Immediate past-President:   Qin Chuan, MD, PhD.
Vice-President:           Jong-Koo Kang, DVM, Ph.D.
Vice-President & Secretary-general of AFLAS:  Noriyuki Kasai, DVM, Ph.D., DJCLAM
Auditor:                   Parntep Ratanakorn, DVM, MS
2. Executive board member (2006/2008)
President:                 Qin Chuan, MD, PhD.
Immediate past-President:  Yong-Soon Lee, DVM, PhD.
Vice-Presidents:           Noriyuki Kasai, DVM, PhD., DJCLAM
Chou-Chu Hong, DVM, PhD.
Secretary General:         Zhang Lian-Feng, PhD.
Auditor:                   Filipinas F. Natividad, PhD.
3. Executive board member (2004/2006)
President:                 Yong-Soon Lee, DVM, PhD.
Immediate past-President:  Shigeru Sugano, PhD.
Vice-Presidents:           Qin Chuan, MD, PhD
Noriyuki Kasai, DVM, PhD., DJCLAM
Secretary General:         Myung-Sang Kwon, DVM, PhD.
Auditor:                   Filipinas F. Natividad, PhD.
4. Executive Board Member (2003/2004)
President:                 Shigeru Sugano, PhD.
Vice-President:            Yong-Soon Lee, DVM, PhD.
Qin Chuan, MD, PhD
Secretary General:         Noriyuki Kasai, DVM, PhD., DJCLAM
Auditor:                   Chin-En Tsai, DVM, PhD.

Past Meetings
1. The 1st AFLAS Congress
The first Congress of AFLAS was held at Nagasaki Brick Hall in Nagasaki Japan on May 20 - 22, 2004 with the Conference for Laboratory Animal Science and Technology Nagasaki 2004.
Two symposiums were presented as following titles:
I. Quality Control of Laboratory Animals: Current Status in Asian Countries.
II. Technicians of Experimental Animals in Asia.
2. The 2nd AFLAS Congress
The second AFLAS congress was held at Jejudo Korea on August 30~September 1, organized by KALAS. About 46 papers were presented on the meeting and 148 papers were published as poster.
Ten symposiums were presented aw following titles:
I. Animal Model for Human Diseases;
II. Animal Model for Human Diseases-GMM;
III. International Harmonization in Ethics of Animal Experiments (ICLAS);
IV. Toxicology and Safety Test;
V. Current Status of Laboratory Animal Science in Asia;
VI. Toxicogenomics;
VII. Primate Medicine;
VIII. International Harmonization and Standardization of Laboratory Animal Science in Asia (AAALAC International);
IX. Young Investigator in Asia;
X. Infectious Diseases of Laboratory Animals.
3. The 3rd AFLAS Congress
The 3rd AFLAS congress will be held in Beijing, China on September, 2008, organized by AFLAS and CALAS. More than 600 people all over the word participate in the meeting and there were 477 papers submitted to the meeting.
Eight symposiums were presented aw following titles:
: The basis and application of laboratory animal science
: The resource of laboratory animals and laboratory animal models
: Laboratory animal welfare and ethics
: The animal experiments in fateful diseases and emergency infections diseases
: Image techniques on comparative medicine
: Laboratory animal science and traditional Chinese medicine research
: Technique training for animal experiment
: Communication Forum on laboratory animal science


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