CALAS-ACSAL -- Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science

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Elevating the standards of laboratory animal science to enhance animal welfare and excellence in research.


Since 1962, CALAS has been working to eliminate inhumane and unnecessary use of animals in research. Working with a membership comprised of veterinarians, physicians, researchers, administrators and technicians, CALAS has achieved many successes in improving the care of laboratory animals in research, teaching and testing. 


As a not-for-profit organization with approximately 900 members*, CALAS strives to: 

 To advance the knowledge, skills and status of those who work with laboratory animals

To improve the standards for laboratory animal care and research

 To provide a forum for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge regarding animal care and research 


Both the National Office and Regional Chapters achieve these goals through: 

Registry for Laboratory Animal Technicians

Continuing Education and Training Programs

Annual National Symposia

Annual awards recognizing education, technical and scientific improvements

Bi-monthly Members Magazine



National office:




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