Lab Animal(NY)

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Mission statement
Lab Animal is a peer-reviewed journal for professionals in animal research, emphasizing proper management and care.

Editorial features include:
Facility design
New animal models
Lab animal care and nutrition
Pain management
Environmental enrichment
Health monitoring and diagnostics
New lab equipment
Education, training, and career paths (including job listings)
Personnel and facility management
Preparing for and avoiding emergencies

Lab Animal publishes timely and informative editorial content reaching both the academic world and applied research industries involved in genetic engineering, human and animal therapeutics, and pharmaceutical drug discovery.

Lab Animal is indexed in:
Index Medicus/MEDLINE
ISI's Focus on: Veterinary Science

The correct abbreviation for abstracting and indexing purposes is Lab Anim. (NY).

The international standard serial number (ISSN) for Lab Animal is 0093-7355, and the electronic international standard serial number (EISSN) is 1548-4475.
Lab Animal is a forum for the publication of articles on all aspects of laboratory animal science, including animal care and husbandry; disease diagnosis and treatment; facility planning, design, and management; staff training and education; and updates and information on regulations. This monthly publication provides timely, practical information to a broad audience of laboratory animal care and use professionals in both academia and industry. Manuscripts should be written in a clear and accessible fashion so that individuals from a broad variety of sectors of the laboratory animal science community will be able to appreciate their significance. Manuscripts are selected for publication according to editorial assessment of their general interest and suitability as well as reports from independent referees. Contributors are welcome to suggest potential reviewers and to inform the Editor of potential conflicts of interest in this regard.

Abbreviation: The correct abbreviation for abstracting and indexing purposes is Lab Anim. (NY).

ISSN and EISSN: The international standard serial number (ISSN) for Lab Animal is 0093-7375, and the electronic international standard serial number (EISSN) is 1548-4475.

Lab Animal Manuscripts should generally range between 2,500 and 4,500 words. All manuscripts are subject to editing for Lab Animal style, and may be edited for clarity and length. All Reviews, Resources, Techniques, and Research Notes are subject to peer review by at least two members of the Lab Animal editorial board or other appropriately qualified professionals. The Editors reserve the right to decide whether Opinions require full peer review. Product Focus articles are submitted to featured companies for review.

Reviewers may accept manuscripts contingent on specified revisions, in which case comments will be returned to authors for consideration. The revised manuscript should be submitted via email.

Review articles should be thorough and provide a representative review of the available literature. While they will often have a historical basis, ideally they should ask and answer a question, and/or discuss future direction. Topic examples might include: "Animal Use Alternatives in Research and Testing" or "The History and Theory of Transgenic Animals."

Resource articles contain less formal, often anecdotal, but always novel and practical information reviewing a method, process, program, or solution with which the author is intimately familiar; e.g., "A Computerized Method for Taking Animal Census," "Medetomidine and Atipamezole: Potential Uses in Lab Animals."

Technique articles should offer practical technical advice, primarily related to animal care, husbandry, or procedures; photographs and/or illustrations are particularly useful. Examples might include: "Endotracheal Intubation in the Rabbit: A Quick Reliable Method" or "A New Rabbit Handling and Restraint Technique."

Opinion articles are accepted on the basis of current relevance and interest to the Lab Animal readership. When possible, the Editors will commission an opposing viewpoint to showcase, with equal editorial weight, the opposing position. Opinion pieces do not represent the viewpoints of the Editorial staff.

Research Notes aprovide descriptions of specific findings, in standard scientific format (i.e., Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results, Discussion). Examples might include: "An Analysis of ISO Intracutaneous Reactivity Test Results to Justify a Reduction in Animal Requirements" or "Response to Novel Objects and Foraging Tasks by Common Marmoset Female Pairs"

Product Focus articles review available technologies and commercial vendors of products relevant to the lab animal field. Product Focus articles, or any manuscript that describes the application of commercially available products, systems, or processes, should consider with equal editorial weight the products of all other relevant manufacturers.

Product Profiles allow product manufacturers to present interesting new products or innovative applications of a laboratory technology. Product Profiles are not peer reviewed and are marked as an advertisement. Product Profiles are published at the editors' discretion. Product manufacturers interested in contributing a Product Profile should contact the Lab Animal National Sales Manager at 617-494-4900, ext. 221.


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