ATLA Alternatives to Laboratory Animals

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ATLA — Alternatives to Laboratory Animals — is an international, peer-reviewed scientific journal, publishing articles on the latest research relating to the development, validation, introduction and use of alternatives to laboratory animals.

ATLA reports on the latest news and events, reviews publications and products, and lists the most significant recent research papers.

ATLA has been a leading journal in the alternatives field for more than 25 years and encourages informed debate through its editorials and comment section.

Proceedings of conferences held by societies such as the Scandinavian Society for Cell Toxicology are regularly published in ATLA.

Its current impact factor is 3.2.

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Editorial Office: Frame, Russell & Burch House, 96-98 North Sherwood Street, Nottingham NG1 4EE, UK, Tel: (44) 0115 958 4740, Fax: (44) 0115 950 3570, E-mail:

Aims and Scope
ATLA is intended to cover all aspects of the development, validation, introduction and use of alternatives to laboratory animals in biomedical research and toxicity testing. Opinions expressed in any part of ATLA do not necessarily reflect the views of the FRAME Trustees or Staff, the Editors or Members of the Editorial Board. ATLA is listed in Current Contents (Life Sciences), EMBASE/Excerpta Medica, ISI/BIOMED, Science Citation Index, Focus on: Veterinary Science and Medicine™, KOSMET and MEDLINE.

ATLA is published 6 times per annum. The subscription price for 2006 is £126/$252 with a 5% discount for subscription agencies (i.e. £119.70/$239.40). Subscription orders are entered per calendar year. In addition, prices will be held for subscriptions taken out for 3 years in 2006 (i.e. the cost of a 3 year subscription taken out in 2006 is 3 × £126 = £378). Part years can be entered if paid in advance, but all renewals begin on 1 January. In exceptional circumstances we are prepared to consider applications for reduced rates. Air mail distribution is available at extra cost.

ATLA is published with the support of and sponsorship from:
Akademie für Tierschutz des Deutschen Tierschutzbundes e.V. (Munich, Germany)
Fonds für Versuchstierfreie Forschung (Zurich, Switzerland)
Rufford Maurice Laing Foundation (London, UK)
Procter and Gamble Ltd (Egham, UK)
St Andrew Animal Fund (Edinburgh, UK)
Union Belge pour l’Abolition de l’Expérimentation sur l’Animal Vivant, la Protection de la Nature et de l’Environment (Brussels, Belgium)

ISSN 0261 1929
©2004 FRAME
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Michael Balls
c/o ATLA Editorial Office

Production Editor
Vivienne Hunter
Louise Unwin

Assistant Editor
Vivienne Hunter

Editorial Assistant (Europe)
Susanne Boy

Editorial Board
Hans-Juergen Ahr (Wuppertal)
Christopher Atterwill (Great Barford)
Peter Bach (Tranent)
Martin Barratt (Bedford)
Bas Blaauboer (Utrecht)
Leon Bruner (Needham)
José Castell (Valencia)
Miroslav Cervinka (Hradec Králové)
Richard Clothier (Nottingham)
Rodger Curren (Gaithersburg)
Klaus Cussler (Langen)
Julia Fentem (Sharnbrook)
Jeffrey Fry (Nottingham)
Alan Goldberg (Baltimore)
Franz Gruber (Zurich)
André Guillouzo (Rennes)
Thomas Hartung (Ispra)
Coenraad Hendriksen (Bilthoven)
Ralph Heywood (Huntingdon)
Shinobu Kato (Fujisawa)
Richard Kemp (Aberystwyth)
Herman Koëter (Paris)
Manfred Liebsch (Berlin)
John McArdle (Apple Valley)
Janet McPherson (Macclesfield)
David Morton (Birmingham)
Gilbert Mouthon (Paris)
Hiroshi Ono (Kanagawa)
Ulpiano Pérez (Santiago)
Guillermo Repetto (Seville)
Vera Rogiers (Brussels)
Margaret Rose (Sydney)
Andrew Rowan (Washington)
Enrico Sabbioni (Ispra)
Ursula Sauer (Neubiberg)
Axel Schmidt (Wuppertal)
Dariusz Sladowski (Warsaw)
Donald Straughan (Bath)
Jan van der Valk (Utrecht)
Colin Walker (Reading)
Flavia Zucco (Rome)

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