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1.Establishment of a Pulmonary Metastasis Model of Human Melanoma in Nude Mice

ZHANG Yong-ci; ZHOU Yuan; YANG Ming; FAN Dong-mei; XIONG Dong-sheng; YANG Chun-zheng(State Key Laboratory of Experimental Hematology; Institute of Hematology and Blood Diseases Hospital; Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College; 288 Nanjing Road; Tianjin 300020; China);

Objective To establish a pulmonary metastasis model of integrin αvβ3-positive human melanoma in nude mice,and identify the differences between the parent melanoma cells and its pulmonary metastatic cells.Methods 1×106,2×106,and 5×106 human melanoma M21 cells were injected into the tail vein of nude mice of different groups,respectively.The mice were sacrificed before spontaneous death,or on the 50th day after injection of M21 cells.The white metastatic foci on the surface of the lung were counted after fixe...

Melanoma; Pulmonary metastasis; Integrin αvβ3; Nude mouse;


2.Sequence Analysis of Tyrosine Hydroxylase Promoter in Mice

ZHU Xiao-rong 1; 2; ZHU Yuan-yuan1; GAO Xiu-xian1; YUAN Hong-hua1; SUN Huai-chang2; GAO Dian-shuai 1(1.Xuzhou Medical College; Xuzhou 221002; China; 2.Veterinary Medicine College of Yangzhou University; Yangzhou 215009);

Objective To analyze the sequence of the tyrosine hydroxylase promoter in mice,and to study the expression regulating ability of different regions of the promoter.Methods Five fragments of TH promoter(3400 bp,2400 bp,2000 bp,1500 bp and 450 bp)amplified by PCR with TaKaRa enzyme,were used to replace the CMV promoter in pcDNA3,and insert into EGFP gene.The recombinant plasmids were transfected instantly into MN-9D cells(TH+)and ECV cells(TH-),respectively.Flow cytometry was used to detect the expression of E...

Mice; Tyrosine hydroxylase promoter; Regulation; Expression;


3.High-Fluoride and Low-Iodine Induce Histopathological Changes and DNA Damage in the Brain of Offspring Rats

HONG Jian-hua1; NIU Rui-yan2; GE Ya-ming2; WANG Jun-dong2(1.Hospital of Shanxi Agricultural University; Taigu 030801; China; 2.Shanxi Key Laboratory of Ecological Animal Science and Environmental Medicine; Shanxi Agricultural University; China);

Objective To study the effects of high-fluoride and low-iodine on the histopathology and DNA in brain of offspring rats.Method Thirty-two Wistar rats were divided randomly into four groups,each of eight(female:male = 3:1).The rats were treated with high-fluoride(100 mg NaF/L),low-iodine(0.0855 mg/kg),or both high-fluoride(100 mg NaF/L)and low-iodine(0.0855 mg/kg),respectively.After mating,the offspring rats were born and used to assess the effects of the above described three factors on the structure of bra...

High-fluoride; Iodine deficiency; Offspring rats; Bain; Histopathology; DNA damage;


4.Effect of G-CSF on Different Artery Endothelium in Rabbits Fed by High-Fat Diet

HU Zhao-Hui1; ZOU Yun-zeng1; YANG Ming1; ZHOU Tao2; GE Jun-bo1(1.Department of Cardiology; Zhongshan Hospital; Fudan University Shanghai Instituteof Cardiovascular Diseases; Shanghai 200032; China; 2.Department of Vascular Surgery; Fudan University; China);

Objective To study the changes of endothelial morphology and function after G-CSF injection,the relation between the changes and their location at different artery segments in rabbit models of atherosclerosis,fed by high_fat diet.Methods 30 New Zealand male white rabbits were divided into 4 groups randomly.The blood lipid level and NO concentration were measured.Thoracic aorta,carotid artery and femoral artery were taken for light and scanning electron microscopic examination to assess the morphological cha...

High-fat diet; Atherosclerosis; Endothelial morphology; Endothelial function; G-CSF; Rabbit;


5.Establishment and Improvement of a Rat Model of Cardiopulmonary Bypass

WANG Shou-yong1; LI Ting-yu2(1.Department of Anesthesiology; Children s Hospital of Chongqing Medical University; Chongqing 400014; China; 2.Institute of Pediatrics; Chongqing Medical University; China);

Objective To improve and simplify the techniques in establishment of cardiopulmonary bypass models in rats,and to better serve the research of adverse effects of cardiopulmonary bypass on respiratory function.Methods 8 adult male SD rats,weighing from 300 to 350 g,were scheduled to establish a cardiopulmonary bypass model by draining from the left femoral and right jugular veins,and perfusion into the right femoral artery with cannulation.The hemodynamics and blood-gas analysis parameters were monitored dur...

Cardiopulmonary bypass; Model; animal; Acute lung injury; Rat;


6.Enhancement of Differentiation of Bone Marrow Cells into Macrophages in Vitro from Mice Injected with Paclitaxel

SHEN Hong 1; 2; LI Long 1; CHEN Jing 1; ZHAO Yong2(1.Beijing University of Agriculture; Beijing 102206; China; 2.State key Laboratory of Biomembrane and Membrane Biotechnology; Institute of Zoology; Chinese Academy of Science; Beijing 100101);

Objective To study the differentiation in vitro of bone marrow cells from mice injected with paclitaxel into macrophages and their function.Methods Bone marrow cells were removed from the BALB/c mice after intraperitoneal injection of paclitaxel for five consecutive days and non-adherent cells were collected and cultured in a 6-well tissue culture plate for 7 days in RPMI 1640 containing macrophage colony-stimulating factor(M-CSF).The surface molecules and the phagocytic ability of the induced macrophages w...

Mice; Paclitaxel; Macrophage; Macrophage colony-stimulating factor(M-CSF);


7.Intraocular Pressure-Lowering Effect of Tetrandrine and Timolol on Rats with Ocular Hypertension

Intraocular Pressure-Lowering Effect of Tetrandrine and Timolol on Rats with Ocular Hypertension

Objective To compare the intraocular pressure(IOP)-lowering effect of topical tetrandrine(an alkaloid isolated from the Chinese medicinal herb Radix Stephania tetrandrae S.)and 0.5% timolol ophthalmic solution on normal rats or rats with ocular hypertension.Method For the experiments in normal rats,all right eyes were treated with drugs and the left eyes served as control.The right rat eyes of experimental group 1 to 5 were treated with one drop of 0.5% timolol,0.1%,0.2%,or 0.3% tetrandrine,respectively.The...

Tetrandrine; Eye drops; Animal model; ocular hypertension;


8.Dynamic Morphological Changes of the Rabbit Cornea Wound Healing after Mechanical Epithelial Injury

CHEN Min-jie; GONG Lan; QIU Xiao-di(EYE & ENT Hospital of Fudan University; Shanghai 200031; China);

Objective To observe the dynamic morphological changes of the cornea wound healing in rabbits after mechanical epithelial injury.Methods 12 New Zealand albino rabbits were randomly devided into 2 groups(A,B).The group A was experimental group,including the rabbit model of mechanical cornea epithelial injury by scraping an area of 8 mm in diameter.The group B was control group.Both groups were administered with lincomycin hydrochloride eye drops for 3 times a day and 1 drop each time.The eyes of group A were...

Mechanical corneal epithelial injury; Wound healing; Morphology; Rabbit;


9.Beneficial Effect of Simvastatin on Pancreatic Islet Insulin Secretion and ROS Damage in Diabetic Rats

HE Qing-hua1; ZHOU Ying-sheng1; WANG Zheng2; WANG Shu3; MU Zhong-qing1; LI Jian3; LI Miao1; LIU Dong-ge2; Wang Yao1; CHI Jia-min1(1.Department of Endocrinology; Beijing Hospital; Beijing 100730; China; 2.Department of Pathology; 3.Institute of Geriatrics; Ministry of Health; China);

Objective To observe the effects of Simvastatin treatment on improvement of pancreatic insulin secretion and ROS damage in diabetic rats.Methods Thirty-six male Sprague Dawley(SD)rats,aged 4-week-old,were randomly divided into four groups:(1)Normal control group(NC,n = 9),fed with a standard chow.(2)High-fat group(HF,n = 9),fed with extra high-fat chow.Diabetes mellitus was induced by high-fat chow feeding for 8 weeks followed by 30 mg/kg streptozoticin injection,and determined by OGTT assay.(3)DM control g...

Simvastatin; Insulin secretion; ROS; Diabetes;


10.Effects of GnRH-A Active Immunocastration on Serum Testosterone and Hematocyte Parameters in Rabbits

WEI Suo-cheng 1; 2; ZHANG Jian2(1.Animal Medicine College of Gansu Agriculture University; Lanzhou 730070; China; 2.Animal Medicine Institute of Northwest University for Nationalities; Lanzhou 730030; China);

Objective To establish a rabbit model immunized by injecting gonadotropin releasing hormone analogue(GnRH-A),to investigate the effects and mechanisms of GnRH-A on serum testosterone and hematocytes in those immunized rabbits.Methods 30 male rabbits were divided randomly into experimenatal group 1(EG-1),experimenatal group 2(EG-2)and control group(CG).1.0 mL GnRH-A antigen emulsion was subcutaneously injected into the rabbits of groups EG-1 and EG-2.The EG-2 rabbits were injected once more after 3 weeks.Ser...

Gonadotropin releasing hormone analogue; Testosterone; Hematocytes; Immunocastration; Rabbit;


11.Changes of Expression of Apoptosis-Related Proteins Bcl-2 and Bax in Parkinson s Disease Rat Induced by Rotenon

LI Chun; CHEN Xin; ZHANG Nan; MU Rei-yan(Capital Medical University School of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Beijing 100069; China);

Objective To study the changes of expression of apoptosis-related proteins Bcl-2 and Bax in the midbrain substantia nigra in Parkinson s disease rat induced by rotenone.Method Rotenone [2 mg/(kg·d)] was injected subcutaneously to the back of Wistar rats for 36 weeks to establish a rat model of Parkinson s disease.To observe and record the scores of rats according to the behavioral score system established in this laboratory.Immunohistochemical staining was used to compare the Bcl-2 and Bax expression in th...

Parkinson s disease; Parkinson s disease model; rat; Rotenone; Bcl-2; Bax; Apoptosis;


12.An Improved Method to Establish Animal Model of Hypertensive Disorder Complicating Pregnancy

ZHOU Yan; ZHU Jian-wen; ZOU Li; WANG Juan(Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics; Union Hospital of Tongji Medical College; Huazhong University of Science and Technology; Wuhan 430022; Hubei Province; China);

Objective To establish an animal model of hypertensive disorder complicating pregnancy(HDCP)with an improved method.Methods Adult female Wistar rats were randomly divided into 6 groups:normal pregnant group(group A),intraperitoneally infected with L-NAME group(group B),intraperitoneally injected with saline solution group(group C),bilateral uterine artery ligation group(group D),shame operation group(group E)and coarctation of the abdominal aorta combined with intraperitoneally infected with L-NAME(group F)...

Hypertensive disorder complicating pregnancy; Rat; Coarctation of abdominal aorta; L-nitro arginine methyl ester;


13.Analysis of Microsatellites DNA Polymorphism in Macaca mulatta and Macaca irus

LI Rui-sheng 1; 2; ZHAO Shuang2; GAO Rong1; HU Zhong-ming2(1.302 Hospital of PLA; Beijing 100039; China; 2.Laboratory Animal Center of Academy of Military Medical Sciences; Beijing 100071);

Objective To analyze the genetic polymorphism in Macaca mulatta and Macaca irus,in order to set up a method of genetic analysis between those two monkey species.Methods The DNA polymorphism was analyzed in 50 individuals of Macaca mulatta and 50 individuals of Macaca irus using 15 PCR-microsatellites DNA loci and the differences of allele numbers between those two species were compared.Results It was able to analyze the DNA polymorphism using 15 polymorphic microsatellite loci between Macaca mulatta and Mac...

Macaca mulatta; Macaca irus; Microsatellite DNA; Polymorphism DNA;


14.Detection of Simian Foamy Virus(SFV)by Nested-PCR

TANG Dong-hong; LI Xiao-yan; TONG Ping-feng; LI Chun-hua; ChengYu; DAI Jie-jie(Institute of Medical Biology; Chinese Academy of Medical Science and Peking Union Medical College; Kunming 650118; China);

Objective To establishe a nested-PCR method for direct detection of SFV proviral DNA in peripheral blood lymphocytes(PBLs)of rhesus monkey.Methods Amplification products of two pairs of primer of SFV-1 pol region from PBLs and RMK cells of rhesus monkeys were separated by 1% agarose gel electrophoresis.The cultured rhesus monkey kidney RMK cell line served as a positive control showing foamy cell pathology.The amplification products of positive control was confirmed by sequencing analysis.The cDNA of SRV-1 ...

Simian foamy virus; Provirus; Nested-PCR; Rhesus monkey;


15.Role of CD4~+T Cells in the Rat Model of Myocardial Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury

WU Qiong1; ZHAI Yuan2; JIAO Shou-shu1; MENG Xia1; LI Sheng-li1; SU Hong-xing1; WANG Ju1(1.Department of Laboratory Animal Sciences; Capital Medical University; Beijing 100069; China; 2.Dumont-UCLA Transplant Center; Department of Surgery; UCLA School of Medicine; Los Angeles; CA 91320; USA; 3.Hospital Attached to Qingdao University Medical College; qingdao 266003; China);

Objective To investigate the role of infiltrating CD4+T cells in a rat model of ischemia-reperfusion injury(IRI).Methods A IRI model was set up by ligation of the descending anterior branch of coronary artery for 45 min,followed by various times of reperfusion.The rats were randomly divided into five groups according to different reperfusion time of 0,2,6,9,12 h,respectively.The sham-operated rats at those time points as controls.Myocardial dysfunction and tissue injury were confirmed by lead II ECG and TTC...

Rat; Myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury(MIRI); CD4+T cells;


16.Animal Models of Fetal Growth Restriction

ZHANG Rui; GOU Wen-li; SUN Yun-ping(The First Afiliated Hospital of College of Medicine; Xi An Jiaotong University; Xi An 710068; China; The present working institution:Jiangdou City People s Hospital; Jiangdou 225200; China);

Animal model is appreciated for its special features in scientific research.It allows us to freely observe and investigate the characteristics of a disease without any treatment or with some specific intervention according to the design of a study.Studies on fetal growth restriction(FGR)have been explored for a long time,and many experiences on how to generate and exploit an animal model of FGR have been accumulated.These studies will provide insights into the characteristics of the fetal growth restriction...

FGR; Animal Model;


17.Recent Advances in the Application of RNA Interference Techniques

LI Shu-fang; LIU Tian-fu(Laboratory Animal Center of Shanxi Medical University; Taiyuan 030001; China);

RNA interference(RNAi)has made considerable development in the biology research area during the ten years since it was discovered.It has been demonstrated its huge potential initially.This article summarizes the mediating methods of SiRNA and the newest application progress of RNAi in basic research,disease model building and medicinal research.

RNAi; Application;

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